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Motivation: Persistance

Our initial spark of motivation gets us started: we hear a story, get a diagnosis, hear our child echoing our self-criticism, or any event that sparks a desire to change. Once we start though, we need to fuel the spark so that it becomes a slow burning flame to keep us going.

How do we persist? What pushes us to keep going even when our flame dies down or is smothered? Regardless of how well researched and executed a plan of action is, there will always be obstacles. Persistence is the part of motivation that keeps us going despite obstacles put in our way. Think of persistence as the slow burning flame that grows from our initial spark of motivation.

Here are a few ways to stoke the fire when it dies down:

  • revisit why you started in the first place

  • look at and list the changes and progress you have made

  • read before and after stories of people who have followed health-focused approaches similar to yours; think to yourself, "if they can do it, so can I!"

  • make a digital vision board on Pinterest - fill it with quotes and photos that inspire you, pictures of things you look forward to doing when you achieve your goal that you may not feel comfortable doing now; make it private if you don't want others to see it

  • think of and do something right now that you can be proud of - go for a short walk, drink a glass of water, try a new recipe

  • Connect with a like-minded group virtually to help keep each others flames going as you travel your individual journeys

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