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Motivation: Activation

For years I waited for the lightening strike of motivation to get me going. I knew that whatever I did, it wouldn't happen overnight, in a few weeks or even a few months. I knew that I needed a huge helping of motivation to get me to where I wanted to be. What I didn't know was that motivation isn't just a spark that strikes by chance. We can cultivate motivation and stoke our own fire of sustained action!

Motivation is the driving force behind our actions. It not only activates behaviours but also drives and maintains them. I learned that there are two kinds of motivators: external motivators (praise, rewards - think Diet Bet) and internal motivators (desire to feel better, improve health, improve confidence). Internal motivators come from within ourselves and because they come from within, they tend to be more reliable and persistent than external motivators.

There are three parts to motivation: activation, persistence, and intensity. Activation is that spark. Sometimes we are given that spark - a diagnosis, a photo, an event - but not always. How do we create a spark? Well, one way we can create a spark is by sitting down quietly and imagining what our life could be like at our desired goal - how do you feel? What are you doing? What would be different? Imagine every detail. I imagined the clothes and shoes I would be wearing and how different I would feel standing with the other moms at kindergarten drop-off. I would stand tall, feel confident, and proud; a marked change from how I was feeling at the time.

If we wait around for a spark to happen, we may be waiting forever. This week, take some time to reflect on who you want to be. Then also consider:

What to I stand to gain by becoming this new version of myself?

What do I gain by staying the same?

What do I lose by becoming this new version of myself?

What do I lose by staying the same?

Finish off with again visualizing you, 2.0. What are you doing? How do you feel? Imagine the expression on your face. Really see it.

The spark of motivation, it is within YOU.

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