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"I don't entirely understand it, but i am eating more, not hungry, and still losing weight. I am so happy.""


Learn how to ditch dieting for good and transform how you feel about food, movement, and yourself.
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Your journey is ready to begin.  A journey free from suffering and restriction; one that that leads you to a place of confidence, your best health, and one that fits with YOUR life. 
Let's create a lifestyle that allows you to live a healthy life you love. It is possible.  

How would it feel to:

No longer be preoccupied with food, diets, and weight

Create a life you love that supports your health and weight goals

Have an accountability partner and coach to help navigate your journey

Know that any weight you leave behind, will never find you again


“Andrea is a fantastic, positive coach who is focused on helping you reach your best weight in a manner that is 100% sustainable.  I learned so many things - and I thought I already knew so much about how to eat and what I "should" be eating. In a health coach I had a partner - who celebrated my successes, helped me set goals that made sense for me, and built up manageable steps to meet those goals.” 

—  K.N. (Calgary, Alberta

Book Your Presentation Today!

We work with you to design and deliver a presentation that fits your group.  Topics have included general wellness, habit change, fitness, nutrition, sleep, mental health, mindfulness, and more. 

Past presentations have included
 workshops such as

Find Fitness: Tone Up Your Eating Skills, Private booking
Eating for Your Best Health, Calgary Homeless Foundation
Habits for Health, St. Knox Church
Aging Gracefully, Beta Sigma Phi
Mindful Movement, ForkSmart Summit
National Conference Presenter (Wellness), Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association


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Free Resources!

In the meantime, check out some of our free resources: 

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