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The best exercise for weight loss

The best exercise for weight loss is simply any exercise that you enjoy! Let's say there was one exercise that burned up calories more than others but you did not enjoy it, or your physical abilities made it a challenge (for example my bad knees do not love running and any time I try to run I pay for it days following). This typically results in people avoiding participation in the activity. On the flip side, there may be an activity that is different or less intense, but you enjoy it and it is something you can do regularly. This then is the best exercise for weight loss for YOU!

At the. clinic we hold off on talking about exercise for the first four months. We know that the biggest impact on weight loss is what we eat, so we begin there. When we do finally talk about exercise, it is not something we take on to burn calories. It is not meant to compensate for a poor diet. The reason we add in exercise is because people who exercise even in small amount regularly tend to make healthier choices overall through out the day. Exercise boosts mood, increases energy, circulates the blood, keeps joints mobile, improves anxiety and depression and just feels good. The key though is find an exercise that you enjoy and only doing it for as long as it is enjoyable. Even several bouts of 10 minutes of exercise make a huge impact!

You do not need to head to the gym. Walking is a powerful exercise shown to have a number of benefits to mood and mobility, especially for those with arthritis. Daily activities such as gardening, cleaning, walking from the parking lot, taking the stairs count as activity too. If you like a more structured program, there is no shortage of things to try. From Zumba, to ballet style barre classes, boxing fitness classes, aquafit classes, conditioning classes, yoga and so many more. Many facilities will offer a free trial of the class before registering. Don't feel embarrassed to try something new and look silly. Even the instructor at the front was a beginner once as were each and every person in the class. Choose to be courageous. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

You don't need to go to a gym to be active. Find opportunities in everyday life to get moving.
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