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Hacking Weight Loss:

Why weight management can be so hard and how to hack it!

It is that time of year again - new programs launch, deals abound with promises of being the best diet, program, or membership out there. Many of us will use the New Year to motivate us and give us that push to set goals and resolutions for the coming year.  We will sign up for the new and improved program or pay for the annual access at 70% off this week only!  Regardless of the approach we take, if we don't both shift our mindset and understand the barriers and challenges (and how to hack them) we will find ourselves in the same place next year.  Enough of the crazy making cycle. It's time to get off and make some real, lasting progress to your healthiest life and stay there.


I have been there.  After a lifetime battle with my weight, I finally hacked weight loss losing over 150 pounds, type 2 diabetes, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease through shifting my habits, mindset, nutrition, and movement one step at a time, and kept it off for years. I am a mom of four, studio owner, counsellor and coach,  and manage my weight everyday using the very same strategies I share with my clients and participants.



I have tried various ways of managing my weight in the past

I am maintaining my weight, but wish it was easier sometimes

When I do lose weight, it seems to find me again

I know what to do, yet struggle to follow through consistently

I am tired of thinking about weight; I am tired of feeling like I can't figure this out; I am tired of not feeling confident and comfortable in my body

I am ready to learn why this can be a struggle for many people and what is holding me back so I can hack it for good!


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What to expect:

Health focused - No fads, no gimmicks

Learn from someone who has been there

28 concise video lessons, >6 minutes each

downloadable toolkit with tip sheets and reflection pages

Between her background in social work, her personal health journey and her warm personality, I'd recommend her to anyone looking for support and inspiration to make health-focused lifestyle changes. She's a powerhouse of humour, generosity and amazing food and fitness tips.


Carla A. 


Amazing and engaging, Andrea inspires and motivates as she instructs dynamic classes, educates about nutrition and helps others by drawing from specialized training, extensive research, and her own experiences.

Judith T.


Andrea is amazing, positive and inspiring and cares so much about educating others about health and wellness. Andrea is very informative and educated in what she does;  she has taught me so much about nutrition, healthy eating, and tips and tricks to make smarter choices in the kitchen. She is an amazing role model and knows what you’re going through as she has been there and succeeded!

Theresa S.

At the end of this course you will be able to begin to modify your habits, tweak your environment, and shift your mindset to support you on your journey to your healthiest life.
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