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Recently I was invited to chat with this amazing woman, Stephanie Rubletz and her viewers. You see, Stephanie is a sewist, teacher, and YouTuber that helps women refashion, redesign, and repurpose their wardrobes through weekly online sewing tutorials.  She knows that a lot of people that do this kind of craft are prone to repetitive strain injury.  We wanted to create a resource for crafters to keep their most valuable tool (their body) working seamlessly (seamless... sewing... HA! Please don't go.)


I have put together a printable cheat sheet to hang up in your sewing spaces as a reminder to keep moving and to offer a few suggestions as to how to do that.  I would love to send you a free copy of the cheatsheet, just let me know where to send it and you will have it in your inbox before you can say, "Keep moving to keep moving!"  

Send me the Sew Fit Cheat Sheet!

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If you do not receive your download within two minutes of sending us your email address, please check your spam folder.  We aren't spam, but sometimes emails end up there anyways!

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What I love about Stephanie's work is that it honours the fact that all bodies are different and that not all clothes fit all bodies properly.  The problem there is the garment, NOT the body!  So even though we work in different areas, we both want women to feel great in their bodies AND the their clothing.  

Please check out Stephanie's fun, engaging, and information packed channel


and her website  


If you want to get moving, eat better, or feel better in your body I can help.  I work with people of every shape and size and am particularly passionate about beginners, because at one time I weighed 150 pounds MORE than I do now.  I offer group classes online, online health coaching, and online personal training specializing in helping women feel strong, confident, and beautiful from the inside out!


 I tried Zumba with Andrea for the first time last week and I LOVE it! I’ve always been intimidated to try this type of class but Andrea makes everyone so comfortable and at ease. I’m hooked! It is such a fun way to move and I am gaining skill and confidence with every class. Thank you for your 

energy and enthusiasm - it’s contagious. ❤️

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