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Low Oil Vegan Crepes

This recipe has finally been released to the masses! For years I have been asking the hubby if I can share his top secret recipe that he has worked at and perfected over the years. Up until now the answer has been, "No way!" I am not sure what changed his mind, perhaps my repeated requests. Either way, you win! This recipe is excellent. It uses aquafaba, the juice in a can of chickpeas (after you strain the water off of them, maybe use them to ship up some yummy chickpea patties; you can find the recipe here). Hubby and I do want to warn you though - crepes take practice. The batter should be thin, similar to the consistency of syrup and cannot have any lumps in it whatsoever. It takes practice to get your swirling pan action down. Don't give up - these are worth perfecting. We love them sweet or savoury, for brunch or dinner. Enjoy!

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