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The Thai Curry to End all Curries

Updated: May 19, 2019

So, I need to start by saying that this is a recipe my friend Stephanie created based on another. It is restaurant quality, bursting with flavour, and EASY! The trickiest part for me finding a couple of ingredients!

The funniest thing about this dish, is that Stephanie frequently says her hubby is the master chef in her house (and I am sure he is great), but nearly every time I am there and she cooks for me, the whole visit ends with me asking for her recipes! She is an outstanding cook, despite what she believes about herself based one a few bad meals early on in her relationship with her hubby. This is the yellow curry to end all yellow curries... and she can never, ever say again that she is not a great cook. She is.

Yellow curry paste

Okay! Ingredients. So the yellow curry paste is most easily found at a specialty store. This was found at the Hong Kong Market in Calgary. A key ingredient are the kaffir lime leaves. These aren't as hard to find if you know where to look. At my go-to grocery store, they are in the produce section near the fresh herbs. Now, don't be daunted by those two perhaps new-to-you ingredients. Everything else is easy to come by! I made a couple of slight modifications to make it a bit lower calorically, but you won't notice, promise!

Stephanie's Thai Yellow Curry with a few Andrea Tweaks

Serves 6 (225g portions)

5 minutes of preparation, 25 minutes of cooking time

250 g new potatoes, cut into chunks

125 g green beans, trimmed and halved

Cooking spray

2 garlic cloves, pressed

1/3 cup yellow curry paste

400 ml can of coconut milk

1 tsp sugar

1 block of extra firm tofu, cubed

2 fresh kaffir lime leaves

1/2 head of broccoli, in pieces

125 g mushrooms, sliced or quartered

prepared rice, to serve

1. Put potatoes into a pot of boiling water. Cook for 5 minutes. Add beans into the same pot, cook an additional 3 minutes. Drain and set aside.

2. Heat a wok, or large frying pan. to a high heat, coat with cooking spray and immediately add in your pressed garlic, cooking until golden (only takes a few seconds!). Add the curry paste to the pan and stir around for a few seconds to release the flavours and spices. Add the can of coconut milk and cook until bubbling.

3. Stir in the sugar. Add in the tofu. Turn down the heat to simmer, add in the mushrooms and broccoli. Cover and allow to simmer 8 minutes or until the broccoli is almost tender.

4. Toss in the potatoes and beans; stir in the kaffir lime leaves. Stir to combine everything. Allow to cook an additional 5 or so minutes to heat beans and potatoes through. Serve immediately over rice.

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