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"I don't entirely understand it, but i am eating more, not hungry, and still losing weight. I am so happy.""


Ditch dieting for good and transform how you feel about food, movement, and yourself 
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Your journey is ready to begin.  A journey free from suffering and restriction; one that that leads you to a place of confidence, your best health, and one that fits with YOUR life. 
Let's create a lifestyle that allows you to live a healthy life you love. It is possible.  

How would it feel to:

No longer be preoccupied with food, diets, and weight

Create a life you love that supports your health and weight goals

Have an accountability partner and coach to help navigate your journey

Know that any weight you leave behind, will never find you again


“Andrea is a fantastic, positive coach who is focused on helping you reach your best weight in a manner that is 100% sustainable.  I learned so many things - and I thought I already knew so much about how to eat and what I "should" be eating. In a health coach I had a partner - who celebrated my successes, helped me set goals that made sense for me, and built up manageable steps to meet those goals.” 

—  K.N. (Calgary, Alberta

1:1 Behavioural Health Coaching

Our individualized coaching services will help you achieve lasting weight management that has you feeling your best and loving your life from the inside out.  You won't just lose weight, you will know how to keep it off longterm and more importantly, shift how you feel about food, movement, you body, and yourself.  Book a free consultation below to find out more about how to get your journey started today.

  • What does 1:1 Behavioural Health Coaching cost?
    Your initial consultation to see if this type of approach matches your goals is free. At this time we are only offering 90 minute consultations. The fee for a session is $275 and included a companion workbook, cookbook and ongoing access to support through our women's only Facebook community. For residents of Alberta, Canada, these services may be covered under your extended health benefits under allied health services, counselling, or social work (MSW, RSW).
  • How do I get started?
    Our next intake for coaching services is September 2021. If you are interested in exploring whether 1:1 health coaching is for you, please click on the button below that says join the waitlis, fill out the form, and we will be touch regarding setting up a complimentary consultation. Consultations: In this 30 minute online Zoom call, you can ask any questions you have about the sessions and I will share more information about the approach. You will never be asked on the spot to make a decision to go ahead or not. We want you to feel confident and excited about embarking on this journey. After the call you will receive an email to follow-up and you can simply complete the form linked in the email when you are ready to start. After I receive the completed form, I will email you to book your appointment! In the meantime, feel free to dive into our free resources: blog, recipes, community and more!
  • How is this approach different than a diet?
    Unlike diets, our number one guiding light is sustainability. We don’t want to show you what to do for a month to lose weight, but how to create a healthy lifestyle you love that naturally shifts your weight and keeps it there. We work together at repairing your relationship with food and movement so that you can pursue all of the adventures that await. Our wraparound approach addresses you as a whole person combining mindset, behavioural change science, and nutrition. This approach is individualized to each client so that it works for you longterm.
  • Where are the before and after pictures?
    I don't post before and after client photos and I will never ask you for them, because while there are physical changes you will notice, so much of the transformation cannot be seen in a photo. As a regulated healthcare professional, I maintain client confidentiality as part of my professional code of ethics and cannot share private or identifying information about the people I work with.
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Free Resources!

On the waitlist or not quite ready to launch your

1:1 coaching journey?  

Get started with some of our free resources: 

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