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COMING SOON!  - February 1, 2022!
Craving Change™
A step-step process to conquer emotional eating

In this three-part workshop live on Zoom:
  • Understand why you eat the way you do
  • Learn ways to comfort yourself without food
  • Change your think to change your eating
Enjoying Lunch
Hacking Weight Loss in Six Simple Steps!
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Is this course for me?

If any of these apply, this is the course for you!

  • I have tried various ways to manage my weight in the past

  • I am maintaining my weight, but wish it was easier sometimes

  • I know what to do and yet I struggle to follow through consistently

  • When I do lose weight, it seems to find me again

  • I am tired of thinking about weight, feeling like I haven't done enough, and feeling uncomfortable in my own body

  • I am ready to learn why this can be a struggle for many people and what is holding me back so I can hack it for good!


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