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What is your dream for your healthiest life- returning to an activity you love? Feeling more energetic? Losing some weight? Better managing chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, or heart disease? Together we will sit down and form health goals to pursue together. We will then co-create a plan of action to achieve these goals and monitor progress. We will learn skills, practice new behaviours until they become habits, and watch as your health transforms. I will be there along the way for support and guidance. Appointments available virtually!

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As an experienced presenter, I am happy to work with you to provide your perfect presentation for your next wellness day, in-service, or convention.  Workshops are also available upon request.


Previous presentations have included:

Move towards Health

Aged Well

Food Fitness: Tone  up your eating skills

My Journey to Health

Finding the Right Fit in Fitness

Healthy Habits for Healthy Teens

Please contact me for pricing and to book.

Currently, waitlist only.  Call the clinic to be added!


Housed at Pristine Health Clinic, we have teamed up with the physicians to work with you to create sustainable change and a healthy lifestyle that you can enjoy, not just tolerate in our 6 month behavioural weight management program.  How?  By empowering you to manage your health and weight with a powerful toolkit of knowledge and support.  Call the clinic to book a  free consultation.

**Payment plans available. 

This fee is covered by most extended health benefits plans.  

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