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Journey Health Studio is a complete, online, virtual health studio offering weekly live, interactive group fitness classes including Barre, Zumba, STRONG Nation, Stretch & Mobility Flow, and Zumba Gold, on demand fitness classes to access when it fits for you, one-on-one behavioural health coaching, and personal training.  

All you need to access our services is a computer, tablet or phone, an internet connection, and a free Zoom account.  Once you book your classes or services you will receive a link by email to join us where ever you are.  On demand classes are accessed right through the website, no link needed!  

Andrea Sereda is a behavioural health coach, group fitness instructor, and personal trainer known for her fun and engaging ways to get people eating better and moving more. After a life long battle with obesity, Andrea shifted her work to behavioural health coaching and fitness training.  Andrea has developed an approach to weight management and health improvement that is sustainable and attainable, helping countless clients improve their health and surpass their goals through nutrition, movement, and mindset coaching. Andrea believes that small steps add up to big results, and that the key to long term health is discovering a lifestyle you love that includes eating lots of plants and moving your body.  She models this for her clients everyday emphasizing a focus on health, quality of life and, how we feel over chasing a particular number. 

Andrea has been featured in digital and print magazines such as Forks Over Knives, Impact Magazine,  The Chicago Tribune, and has appeared multiple times on Global Television.  She had been asked to speak and present at a number of different events.

Follow Andrea on social media where she educates and motivates people to live their healthiest lives through movement, nutrition, and mindset.  

Andrea Sereda

MSW, RSW, Leadership


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